Product Marketing

Exemplar Marketing puts you on track for highly effective and measurable go-to-market marketing programs.

Exemplar’s Product Marketing services deliver the program strategies, sales readiness and channel support efforts for your entire product line. By maintaining a deep understating of your target buyers, Exemplar will positively impact your bottom line with competitive positioning and effective go-to-market strategies and programs from launch through revenue growth to customer satisfaction.

Exemplar answers the questions you face.

  • How will you describe your product’s value, features and benefits vs. the competition?
  • Which marketing programs and tools will successfully move your buyer through the sales cycle?
  • How should you launch to achieve immediate sales results and market penetration?
  • How will you ensure sales readiness and channel support prior, during and after launch?
  • Post launch, how do you maintain strong lead generation to meet and exceed your objectives?

Our Product Marketing Service Suite includes:

Product Strategies and Delivery Implement the most effective strategies to sell and deliver profitable products to your market through:

  • Pricing Strategy Analysis and Strategy
  • Channel Distribution Analysis and Strategy

Product Planning and Requirements - Identify and connect product plans and requirements to the teams that design, promote and deliver your solutions to the market through:

  • Buyer Persona and Profile Development
  • Product Competitive Positioning and Messaging Platform
  • Product Brand Identity and Packaging Strategy
  • Product Brand Architecture
  • Buyer Sales Process Analysis
  • Product Marketing Strategy
  • Product Beta Program Development and Management

Product Marketing Strategies and Programs - Execute effective, metric-driven Go-to-Market strategies and marketing programs throughout the entire product buying process through:

  • New Product Launch Strategy,Planning and Management
  • New Website Launch Strategy,Planning and Management/li>
  • Product Sales Promotions and Campaigns
  • Channel Marketing Strategy and Programs
  • Demand Generation Strategy and Programs
  • Lead Nurturing Strategy and Programs
  • Customer Referrals and Reference Incentive Programs
  • Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategy and Programs
  • Thought Leadership and Advisory Board Initiatives
  • National Partner/Sales Event Planning and Management

Sales Readiness and Support - Maximize sell through for both channel and direct sales through:

  • Collateral and Sales Tools Architecture, Design and Development
  • Product Competitive Write-ups and Responses
  • Corporate and Product Presentations (Analyst/Sales/Partner)
  • White Paper Design and Development

Website Development and Marketing Systems Integration – Ensure your website and CRM systems are designed to support your business goals and requirements through:

  • Marketing Website/Intranet Requirements and Development
  • Marketing Backend CRM System Requirements
  • Marketing Backend CRM and Website Integration
  • Backend CRM and Campaign Marketing System Integration

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    Kim Wellman is one of the most talented marketing executives that I have known. You know how some people just “get it”? - Kim is one of those professionals. She has the uncommon combination of a brilliant strategic mind and a rubber hits the road personality. I highly recommend Kim and would consider her one of my top choices on any executive team.

    Brock Blake CEO, FundingUniverse

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