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Product Marketing

Exemplar Marketing puts you on track for highly effective and measurable go-to-market marketing programs.

Exemplar’s Product Marketing services deliver the program strategies, sales readiness and channel support efforts for your entire product line. By maintaining a deep understating of your target buyers, Exemplar will positively impact your bottom line with competitive positioning and effective go-to-market strategies and programs from launch through revenue growth to customer satisfaction.

Exemplar answers the questions you face.

  • How will you describe your product’s value, features and benefits vs. the competition?
  • Which marketing programs and tools will successfully move your buyer through the sales cycle?
  • How should you launch to achieve immediate sales results and market penetration?
  • How will you ensure sales readiness and channel support prior, during and after launch?
  • Post launch, how do you maintain strong lead generation to meet and exceed your objectives?

Our Product Marketing Service Suite includes:

Product Strategies and Delivery Implement the most effective strategies to sell and deliver profitable products to your market through:

  • Pricing Strategy Analysis and Strategy
  • Channel Distribution Analysis and Strategy

Product Planning and Requirements - Identify and connect product plans and requirements to the teams that design, promote and deliver your solutions to the market through:

  • Buyer Persona and Profile Development
  • Product Competitive Positioning and Messaging Platform
  • Product Brand Identity and Packaging Strategy
  • Product Brand Architecture
  • Buyer Sales Process Analysis
  • Product Marketing Strategy
  • Product Beta Program Development and Management

Product Marketing Strategies and Programs - Execute effective, metric-driven Go-to-Market strategies and marketing programs throughout the entire product buying process through:

  • New Product Launch Strategy,Planning and Management
  • New Website Launch Strategy,Planning and Management/li>
  • Product Sales Promotions and Campaigns
  • Channel Marketing Strategy and Programs
  • Demand Generation Strategy and Programs
  • Lead Nurturing Strategy and Programs
  • Customer Referrals and Reference Incentive Programs
  • Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategy and Programs
  • Thought Leadership and Advisory Board Initiatives
  • National Partner/Sales Event Planning and Management

Sales Readiness and Support - Maximize sell through for both channel and direct sales through:

  • Collateral and Sales Tools Architecture, Design and Development
  • Product Competitive Write-ups and Responses
  • Corporate and Product Presentations (Analyst/Sales/Partner)
  • White Paper Design and Development

Website Development and Marketing Systems Integration – Ensure your website and CRM systems are designed to support your business goals and requirements through:

  • Marketing Website/Intranet Requirements and Development
  • Marketing Backend CRM System Requirements
  • Marketing Backend CRM and Website Integration
  • Backend CRM and Campaign Marketing System Integration

Can’t find what you are looking for be sure you review our Product Management, Marketing Communications and Marketing Management service offerings or contact us now.


    • Kim Wellman is one of the most talented marketing executives that I have known. You know how some people just “get it”? — Kim is one of those professionals. She has the uncommon combination of a brilliant strategic mind and a rubber-hits-the-road personality. I highly recommend Kim and would consider her one of
      my top choices on any executive team.

      Brock Blake CEO, FundingUniverse
    • Kim is an excellent Marketing Executive. Hitting the road running Kim was quick to determine where Consul’s marketing weaknesses were and to efficiently develop and implement a comprehensive US and EMEA Marketing Plan that minimized these weaknesses while generating immediate results for Sales. A proven marketer Kim is passionate about Marketing and maintains the extensive marketing knowledge and expertise required to make a real impact. I recommend Kim for any company looking to build out a Marketing Department or for those looking to take their Marketing efforts and strategy to the next level she is A+.

      Joe Sander CEO, Consul Risk Management
    • Kim instantly became my marketing team. I believe with her help and expertise, we have accomplished more than I ever could have with an established team of five. Her knowledge and insight has proven invaluable to me. She is capable of producing work – everything from conducting research to building strategic marketing plans – at an alarming rate, with quality that always exceeds expectations. Her dedication to the project is unquestionable, even when working with other clients. She is extremely strategic in her approach. Kim has earned the respect of our team, including Product and Project Managers, Engineers, IT folks, etc. She has been the ultimate professional, an outstanding communicator, and brings a refreshing upbeat attitude to the project. I trust Kim completely. I feel very fortunate to be working with Kim, and am taking advantage of this time to learn as much as I possibly can from her. Our project is coming along nicely thanks to her significant contributions.

      Jeff Bradford Director of Marketing, Sorenson Communications
    • I worked with Kim on developing a new technology product. Kim came on board after we had started designing the product and quickly came up to speed. She provided excellent marketing and sales support and gave us 125% the moment she stepped in the door. Immediately Kim implemented a new market-driven approach to building out product requirements through extensive market research and Voice of Customer (VoC) interviews. From there Kim developed a comprehensive PRD identifying missing critical product requirements that would have negatively impacted the over-all customer and buyer experience. Working to ensure these requirements are implemented into the development of the product, Kim is dedicated to ensuring we build a product that is market-driven. I would highly recommend Kim to any organization looking for marketing leadership, proven expertise and results.

      LeVoy Haight, – President/CEO, Summit Medical Products, Inc.
    • Kim just gets it. She has the rare ability to look past all the noise and identify the key business challenges and opportunities. I had the opportunity to work with Kim on a product development market research project and was continually impressed with her ability to isolate strategic insights. Additionally, she has the experience and understanding of product development to guide the process. All of that combined with her charisma and personal touch makes Kim a unique business talent.

      Tyson Chapman,– Senior Analyst, Cicero Group
    • Kim is a high energy, experienced marketing professional with a lot to offer companies. She is a very strategic thinker and continually focuses on driving outcomes for companies. I have been impressed with her enthusiasm, commitment, and experience. Her top qualities are, Great Results , Expert , Creative

      Jeffery Nelson CEO and President, Nelson Laboratories
    • Kim is the consummate marketing professional. Buttoned-up, inventive, clear thinking, articulate, Kim has all the goods to help companies grow, keep revenues accelerating, and make marketing plans a reality. She can immerse herself in big picture strategies and then in the next moment, scrutinize Web copy to ensure it’s on message. She is a delight to work with at every level.

      Bruce Law – Owner and President of Sprout Marketing
    • Kim is nothing but a professional and expert in her craft. She is very personable and her attention to detail is second to none. In her market research she left no pebble unturned. You could not go wrong hiring Kim to bring a product to launch.

      James Pope, District Manager, Metropolitan Theatres
    • I had the privilege of working with Kim in a start-up situation where her skills and experience were paramount to the success of the operations. Positioning a new business in an emerging field is difficult but Kim was able to cut through the clutter and develop clear messaging and industry leading positioning statements. Explaining what we did in a clear and concise manner for the c-level executives we sold to while acquiring these industry leaders as our clients was her greatest reward and our successes were largely attributed to her hard work and understanding of how marketing enabled business. I think the greatest compliment to her accomplishments were the acquisition of her ideas by the entire industry segment. Kim is a person I would recommend without reservation and it would be my pleasure to work with her again someday.

      Michael (Mike) Higgins, CISM, CPP CEO and President, Para-Protect Services
    • Kim is a result oriented professional with a solid understanding of what it takes to create and implement a plan to achieve & surpass company goals. A true team player that would be an asset to any organization.

      Eric Baum, Director, Oakley Networks
    • Her business acumen, comprehensive marketing experience, creativity and results-driven marketing programs were critically important to our efforts to sustain strategic relationships and to launch our Channel Sales programs. Specifically, both Intel and AMD continued to fund marketing programs because of confidence in Kim’s ability to provide them with a substantial return on their investment. Additionally, Kim was a key reason one of our most important VARs engaged in business with LNXI

      Dick Linville VP Channel Sales, Linux Networx
    • She (Kim) is a unique marketing individual who not only understands the technical details of complex products, but has the management and planning skills to crisply execute her vision. She is the best technical marketing individual I’ve worked with.

      David Morton, VP of Research and Development, Linux Networx
    • I have the privilege of working with Kim and would recommend her to any of my clients or other mid-size company that required marketing guidance to the next level. Kim has a visionary leadership style that inspires creativity and innovation. Her grasp of marketing strategies was an essential part of our growth and she was responsible for creating our marketing department when we didn’t have one. She is a results oriented professional and her advice helped the company grow our products into successful role model within an emerging new technology quadrant. It’s an honor to write this recommendation for Kim and I highly recommend her services – she is incredibly talented and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her directly again sometime in the future.

      Thomas Sackie, Senior Vice President, Oakley Networks
    • Kim has an exceptional approach to marketing strategy. Her strong planning and organizational skills make it clear to everyone on her team that their roles are and what tasks they own or need to support. While at Oakley she played a very key role in bringing the company from obscure startup to an information assurance market leader. Her campaigns led to the acquisition of Oakley Networks by Raytheon Company.

      Alan Frederickson – Creative Director, Raytheon Oakley Systems
    • Kim is a bright, energetic marketing executive who achieves meaningful results for an organization. At Linux Networx, her team accomplished a lot in a short period of time: revamped the website, positioning the company as a true solutions provider backed up by technical proof points, executed a successful product launch, and provided focus to our trade-show and lead-generation campaigns, all carried out in accordance with Kim’s holistic marketing strategy and tactical plans. As a leader, Kim recognizes and leverages the strengths of others, giving them the freedom to do great things. Kim is a team player, approachable, and a delight to work with.

      Eric Pitcher,– VP, Technical Marketing LNXI (Linux Networx)

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